Elijah after taunting them when the baal were earnestly trying to please there God and trying to pray so that their God can do something .When nothing happend

After that Elijah has also prepared for the Alter and the alter is full of water that can be clearly read on 1st King ch:18. The wood is so wet as the water is floating there we can read there.

The Bull was also laid on the alter and as Elijah bowed down before the ALmighty to pray that let everyone know that you are the only God . Then the fire of the Lord consumed the Alter the Stone and the dust.

When the People saw this they fell on the ground to accept only HE IS LORD.

I think by this we can just imagine what would be the condition of King Ahab how he would be bowind down before the Lord Almighty.

This proves there is only One GOD.

May God Bless us ALL



As when the the prayer by the baal is going on Elijah started taunting them fearlessly. This may have irritated them for a while but in turn they must have started calling their God with more powerful and full strength they have.

Still nothing happend. The ELijah again taunted them saying where is your God , Is he sleeping? etc. This word must have again irritated them . While taunting them .

While this is happening on the other side he prepared and alter and told the people to pour four filled jars or water and keep on filling it with water till the water ran around the alter.

Here while taunting he made to do the work also so that tomorrow no one can stand and say we didn’t touched and that was done by somebody so how come we know that whether it is real or not?.

In the next post we will continue think about this same.


God Bless us all

As the 450 Prophets of baal got together at the Mt. Carmel and as agreed 2 bulls of the peoples choice were selected and an alter was made . Elijah tells them to choose first and prepare for alter. As agreed all the baal prophets choosed and they made it ready for the alter

and stated praying and worshiping the baal. As they did Elijah didn’t sit back quietly . He TAUNTED them and asked where is your GOD?.

We can see here the courage of Elijah . A fearless Prophet. as King is also there and seeing it and this prophet taunting all the prophets of God as in verse 27 he said cry aloud for he is god, either he is musing or he is reliving himself or he is in a journey or he is asleep.

See how much he taunted the baal prophet. Just Imagine the situation where Prohet Elijah is standing. see the courage, the strength, the faith that he carries.

Our faith should also be strong and it should be double strong.

will cont. more in my next post.


We are reading the work of Elijah and how he challenged the people

For that he called 450 prohets of baal and 400 prophets of Asherah to the Mt Carmel

Se how many people he called. all these are on one side and only alone Prophet Elijah on the othe side.

Here ELijas tells people call only One God not the baal for that a test to be done

2 Bulls to be given and let them choose one for themselves and cut it and lay it on wood and put on fire to it.

And you will call upon the name of your God and I will call upon the Lord and the God who answers prayer by fire he is GOD.

All the people agreed to it.

See here how the choices are put before the people and also the decision so that tomorrow nobody should say that it was Elijah’ some trick in it. All choices he left to the people to decide.

In the next I will share how the test began and what all ELijah and what all the people did?.


In the mean time i will share with you a song which is new one. This you all may like it as All is done for the glory of our Lord ALimighty.

The words of the song is that for everything I have only God when I was alone and distress and nobody to help no one at that time

Lord’s hand was with me.

            Hee Yeesu Hee Yeesu Meri asha tujh he mein hein

           Meri aasha tujh hee mein hein

          Meri asha tujh hee mein hein ———-(2)

         Dukh aur tanhai mein mere akelepan ke samay (2)

         Mera Prabhu ek hi sahara

         Jisko mein kese bhulu—————-(2)

         Hee Yeesu Hee Yeesu Meri asha tujh he mein hein

           Meri aasha tujh hee mein hein

          Meri asha tujh hee mein hein ———-(2)


I will put the audio file of this song so that you all can also sing and Give glory to our Lord ALmighty.





These days we are reading about Elijah the strong fearless Prophet.

Imagine when the ruling Government is against him and searching for him and still he is fearless and obeying God’s commands,just image How strong his belief is and how daring is HE to face the rulling Government of the King.

King Got tired searching for him that’s why the king when he met with all anger and everything which had hidden in his heart with all he said “Are you the troubler of Israel”

This clearly shows whatever anguish and pain the King was carrying in heart and his inability to stay in the Palace the climateic changes the King was facing can be read clearly.

To the People he said to not to follow the baal and follow the God’s command.

Since it was difficult for Elijah to gain trust so he told King Ahab to gather all 450 prophets at Mount Carmel

A test would be there as whom to be called?.

Will share in the next as how the Test is performed.

God Bless us ALL.


In continuation to the previous post. Elijah was the only prophet who followed God’s commands and told king Ahab and people who followed baal to turn from their doings and call God Almighty.

As the King Ahab was also in search of Elijah for 3 and half years and as instead of living in his palace and doing business and concentrating on his kingdom. King Ahab had to left his palace in search of Prophet Elijah.

On Seeing him the

as the verse says in 1st king ch18:17

“Is that you the troubler of Israel”.

See How much the King Ahab is troubled in finding Prophet Elijah.

And How Prophet Elijah is imp. for God as God has to protect him and hide him .

We can see here how Elijah is protected under the Mighty Hands of God when other prophets were hiding in the cave .

Keep on reading the 1st king ch 18:

Will share more about Elijah. In the mean time you can also share your thoughts to me at peace2all2013@gmail.com

GOD Bless us ALL.

Continuing with the previous post ELijah also was against serving two Master which is insisted by telling in 1st King ch:18 :21

He was on one side and 450 baals on the other side.

Only Prophet who was fearless to challenge the whole society alone. And also the King.

The Daring Prophet which God also listened and observed carefully what Elijah is doing . as when we read the bible God even doesn’t told him to do like this.

But when he did God observed carefully what he was doing.

God knows the ways of King ahab and how they are becoming the followers of baal.

scripture Ist king ch 18 .

This Chapter will tell how King Ahab was leading the life and how King Ahab had left the way and not followed God’s command and followed Baals.

The Land ratio turned as all become the followers of Baal under the influence of the Kind and queen jezebel.

Only One prophet on this side alone challanging the whole society.

In the next Post I share more about it.

God Bless us ALL

On the previous post I was sharing you about the choosing only one Master.

Now if Bible says about choosing only one Master . And in our daily life if we are keeping any other thing more propriety than God

like money,power or anything  and thinking accordingly and also living our life to achieve that then we are serving the two Masters

This is wrong according to the Bible.

God said you have to follw the Bible fully then only God will take care of us.

Elijah went before the people and said in 1st King 18:21


How Long will you waver between two opinions ?. If the Lord is God follow him ,but if Baal is God,follow him”. But the people said nothing.

Elijah also said to follow the true God only.

For to follow the true God what Elijah did will share with you in the next Post.

God Bless us Alll.




Peace is what everyone is searching these days. But no one is getting it. The reason behind it is that we are not fearing God and not mending our ways according to the Bible and hence our day to day life gets diverted and we are ready to do everything without fear.

Bible says that in Matthew ch6:24

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

But this has become easy now. On Sunday when we are inside the Church we serve God and after coming out we server mammon.

Aren’t we expert in doing both the things at the same time.

Bible says you cannot server two Masters and Our day to day life and the practices we adopt is proving something other and challenging God that , O God! your Bible is wrong. The Print is wrong. You said it is not possible to server two master but that we are proving everyday .

God says to them return back.

Will continue in the next post To share more about it.