Continuing with the previous post ELijah also was against serving two Master which is insisted by telling in 1st King ch:18 :21

He was on one side and 450 baals on the other side.

Only Prophet who was fearless to challenge the whole society alone. And also the King.

The Daring Prophet which God also listened and observed carefully what Elijah is doing . as when we read the bible God even doesn’t told him to do like this.

But when he did God observed carefully what he was doing.

God knows the ways of King ahab and how they are becoming the followers of baal.

scripture Ist king ch 18 .

This Chapter will tell how King Ahab was leading the life and how King Ahab had left the way and not followed God’s command and followed Baals.

The Land ratio turned as all become the followers of Baal under the influence of the Kind and queen jezebel.

Only One prophet on this side alone challanging the whole society.

In the next Post I share more about it.

God Bless us ALL