In continuation to the previous post. Elijah was the only prophet who followed God’s commands and told king Ahab and people who followed baal to turn from their doings and call God Almighty.

As the King Ahab was also in search of Elijah for 3 and half years and as instead of living in his palace and doing business and concentrating on his kingdom. King Ahab had to left his palace in search of Prophet Elijah.

On Seeing him the

as the verse says in 1st king ch18:17

“Is that you the troubler of Israel”.

See How much the King Ahab is troubled in finding Prophet Elijah.

And How Prophet Elijah is imp. for God as God has to protect him and hide him .

We can see here how Elijah is protected under the Mighty Hands of God when other prophets were hiding in the cave .

Keep on reading the 1st king ch 18:

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GOD Bless us ALL.