These days we are reading about Elijah the strong fearless Prophet.

Imagine when the ruling Government is against him and searching for him and still he is fearless and obeying God’s commands,just image How strong his belief is and how daring is HE to face the rulling Government of the King.

King Got tired searching for him that’s why the king when he met with all anger and everything which had hidden in his heart with all he said “Are you the troubler of Israel”

This clearly shows whatever anguish and pain the King was carrying in heart and his inability to stay in the Palace the climateic changes the King was facing can be read clearly.

To the People he said to not to follow the baal and follow the God’s command.

Since it was difficult for Elijah to gain trust so he told King Ahab to gather all 450 prophets at Mount Carmel

A test would be there as whom to be called?.

Will share in the next as how the Test is performed.

God Bless us ALL.