As the 450 Prophets of baal got together at the Mt. Carmel and as agreed 2 bulls of the peoples choice were selected and an alter was made . Elijah tells them to choose first and prepare for alter. As agreed all the baal prophets choosed and they made it ready for the alter

and stated praying and worshiping the baal. As they did Elijah didn’t sit back quietly . He TAUNTED them and asked where is your GOD?.

We can see here the courage of Elijah . A fearless Prophet. as King is also there and seeing it and this prophet taunting all the prophets of God as in verse 27 he said cry aloud for he is god, either he is musing or he is reliving himself or he is in a journey or he is asleep.

See how much he taunted the baal prophet. Just Imagine the situation where Prohet Elijah is standing. see the courage, the strength, the faith that he carries.

Our faith should also be strong and it should be double strong.

will cont. more in my next post.