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Elijah after taunting them when the baal were earnestly trying to please there God and trying to pray so that their God can do something .When nothing happend

After that Elijah has also prepared for the Alter and the alter is full of water that can be clearly read on 1st King ch:18. The wood is so wet as the water is floating there we can read there.

The Bull was also laid on the alter and as Elijah bowed down before the ALmighty to pray that let everyone know that you are the only God . Then the fire of the Lord consumed the Alter the Stone and the dust.

When the People saw this they fell on the ground to accept only HE IS LORD.

I think by this we can just imagine what would be the condition of King Ahab how he would be bowind down before the Lord Almighty.

This proves there is only One GOD.

May God Bless us ALL



As when the the prayer by the baal is going on Elijah started taunting them fearlessly. This may have irritated them for a while but in turn they must have started calling their God with more powerful and full strength they have.

Still nothing happend. The ELijah again taunted them saying where is your God , Is he sleeping? etc. This word must have again irritated them . While taunting them .

While this is happening on the other side he prepared and alter and told the people to pour four filled jars or water and keep on filling it with water till the water ran around the alter.

Here while taunting he made to do the work also so that tomorrow no one can stand and say we didn’t touched and that was done by somebody so how come we know that whether it is real or not?.

In the next post we will continue think about this same.


God Bless us all

As the 450 Prophets of baal got together at the Mt. Carmel and as agreed 2 bulls of the peoples choice were selected and an alter was made . Elijah tells them to choose first and prepare for alter. As agreed all the baal prophets choosed and they made it ready for the alter

and stated praying and worshiping the baal. As they did Elijah didn’t sit back quietly . He TAUNTED them and asked where is your GOD?.

We can see here the courage of Elijah . A fearless Prophet. as King is also there and seeing it and this prophet taunting all the prophets of God as in verse 27 he said cry aloud for he is god, either he is musing or he is reliving himself or he is in a journey or he is asleep.

See how much he taunted the baal prophet. Just Imagine the situation where Prohet Elijah is standing. see the courage, the strength, the faith that he carries.

Our faith should also be strong and it should be double strong.

will cont. more in my next post.